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Enjoy The Benefits of The Automated Accessibe WordPress Plugin for Seamless Web Accessibility


Users have a wrong conception that testing for automatic digital web accessibility has replaced manual check-ups of websites. This is a misconception that needs to be addressed. Over the years, artificial intelligence has evolved; however, the technology has not become so successful that it can detect present as well as potential complications in web accessibility on your business website. Some issues stay open to human assessment.

Business owners of WordPress sites should keep the above in mind when it comes to the subject of web accessibility. The accessibe wordpress¬†plugin helps them combine the advantages of both digital and automated testing for their sites. The following are some tips to help them get started: –

  • Go through the guidelines of the WCAG – Before you resort to manual as well as automated testing for digital accessibility, you should read the guidelines of the WCAG carefully. When you are aware of these guidelines, there are some problems that you can resolve yourself during the troubleshooting process.
  • Compare the different tools for web accessibility – There are several tools for WordPress accessibility; however, when you are choosing the best one for your business, you should compare and explore their exclusive features and offers and later check the best one that matches your site development requirements for your business.
  • Get feedback from users – You should invite feedback from users, and this can be done by leaving a message form on the contact web page so that they can send over their questions and voice their feedback about the digital product that you sell to them. You should interact with your audience and let them know that you are ready to listen to any accessibility-linked issues they see on your site.
  • Hire skilled and professional testers – Since you have no time to learn the nuances of manual testing for web accessibility, you should consider other professionals to do the task for you. It might have cost you a lot of money in the past, but now you can keep accessibility lawsuits at bay. They are more costly than the fees you pay to professional testers for your site.

Web accessibility is a continuous effort and task

You must remember that maintaining web accessibility is an ongoing task and effort that you must be ready to undertake for your business site. You might come across some issues even after your website has been through the troubleshooting process. This is why you should be serious about accessibility testing regularly.

You can run the accessibe wordpress plugin daily to detect problems in accessibility as well as keep compliance lawsuits at bay. In this way, you are able to resolve small issues before your users notice them. When it comes to manual tests, you can always conduct one per month so that you can resolve any problems that an AI auditing tool might miss.

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