You Need SEO Services

How to Know If You Need SEO Services


The most important keywords for your website do not appear in search results

Is Your site not ranking? In order to determine whether you need SEO help, check to see if your website ranks for vital keywords. As an example, if you have a veterinary clinic, you should rank in the 1st few results for “dog veterinarians in [your location].” If you do not, you need SEO help.
Is it possible to find out which keywords are most valuable for my business by checking Google? For your business, identify the most important products and services.

Traffic to your website is low

Do you notice that your website receives few visitors? After investing some time and energy in SEO on your website, you should evaluate your organic website traffic. You can define organic website traffic as the number of visitors who find your site via an organic search engine. In order to get started, you’ll need to use Google Analytics, a free web analytics service that Google provides. Having set up your Google Analytics account, follow the steps below to assess your organic traffic:

The traffic on your website isn’t converting

Despite finding your site organically, visitors won’t convert once they’re there. The conversion rate includes the percentage of visitors who:

  • By clicking on links or buttons,
  • Fill out the form,
  • When you purchase a product,
  • Add content to social media, and more.

To improve conversions, you must increase the number of page visits, form submissions, and clicks on links and elements on your pages.

You don’t have a responsive website

Approximately 55.56% of all site traffic is currently generated by mobile devices as of 2021. In the event you still have an outdated, non-responsive website, you may be losing some valuable leads. Your site may rank well for valuable keywords, but if it’s hard to navigate on mobile, users will easily become frustrated. You will probably lose them if they tap away from your website.
A The responsive design of your site ensures that it looks fantastic on all types of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. If you want to reduce bounce rates and increase sales on your website, make it easy to navigate regardless of what device or browser your visitor uses.

Your site isn’t HTTPS-secured

Since July of 2018, Google has been penalising websites that are not HTTPS. HTTPS – what is it? Using HTTPS, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, you can establish secure communications over the Internet. The browser checks whether a website is secure/the certificate on it is issued by a legitimate certificate authority before you visit it.
Your website needs a technical audit

The technical audit of your website may also have an impact on your traffic and conversions. There may be a number of technical issues with your site, including:

Content duplication

Your site’s rankings may be negatively impacted if your content reads the same or almost the same as another’s. If you have several or many pages with the same content, Google will penalise your site since they will have trouble figuring out which page to rank since they’re targeting the same keyword(s). If you do not have a professional scan your site for duplicate content, you may not notice duplicate content on your site.

Speed of the site

If a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, approximately 40% of visitors will abandon it. In the event your site takes three seconds or longer to load, you will lose out on valuable leads. A professional can help you determine which elements of your site are slowing down your site by assessing the speed of your site. By using Google’s PageSpeed Insights, you can determine how fast your page is.

The robots.txt file

Do you know what a robots.txt file is? This file indicates which pages of your site should not be crawled or indexed by search engines. Ideally, site owners should avoid blocking their entire site from being crawled or indexed by search engines. It is possible to identify if your robots.txt prevents search engines from finding certain important pages by working with a professional SEO company.

 A sitemap in XML

The XML sitemap is a blueprint that helps search engines like Google find all of the content on your website. By having an XML sitemap on your site, you will be able to speed up the process of indexing. Your site’s indexing will be improved significantly if you hire SEO experts to create XML sitemaps.

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