Ponders Affordable SEO For Realtors

Matt Davies Stockton Ponders Affordable SEO For Realtors



According to Matt Davies Stockton, affordable SEO seems like a myth when you see average SEO prices. As a realtor, SEO may seem unnecessary due to the high cost. However, if you’re able to choose the right SEO services, they can be very affordable and bring you good returns on your investment. Let’s check out affordable SEO services for realtors.

The Details

1. On-page SEO 

On-page SEO includes tags, content, internal links, and other such elements of a page to improve its ranking on the search engine. This type of service allows you to rank your website high on Google and other search engines.

Some of the factors that govern on-page SEO include URL optimization, keyword research, image and alt tags, internal and external links, meta description, and more. All of these can be managed with the basic plans of SEO tools like Screaming Frog and Surfer SEO where the cost may range anywhere from $10 a month to $100 a month.

  Technical SEO – Technical SEOs are a one-time fix. While you may need to make minor changes to keep up with the algorithm, spending your money at the beginning and setting it up the right way can bring a steady flow of clients by keeping your website user-friendly and free from technical issues.

The main factors of technical SEO include sitemap integration, fixing 4xx and 3xx errors, optimizing page speed and the website for mobile, canonical URL, and more. Image caching and compression also plays a major role in bringing down the loading time of your website and helping it climb the rankings.

An easily navigable realtor website with sound technical SEO has high visibility for potential customers. While the upfront cost may seem a bit high, it’s worth the money since you’d need to make major changes just once.

3. Video SEO

Your website is nothing without videos in 2022. While Google has been the dominant search engine and most visited website for over a decade, TikTok recently surpassed it and took the crown. On the other hand, the most visited website after Google is YouTube and it’s all because of videos.

As a realtor, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shoot incredible videos of listed properties and their conditions. When you use video SEO strategies to optimize the videos on your website to be ranked higher on the search engine for relevant keywords, you can increase website traffic and retain those users for a longer time.

Video SEO mainly involves optimizing thumbnails, improving keyword research, and linking. Once you shoot and edit your videos, you can leave the rest to an SEO consultant firm for a small fee.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you keep the above-mentioned tips in mind while opting for SEO services or while designing your own SEO strategy as a realtor. Unlike most other professionals, realtors have the luxury of making high commissions on their sales and keeping SEO costs low is one of the factors for maintaining a high ROI.

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