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What is the role of a digital agency?


The arrival of digital technology and its invasion in our daily lives, pushes us more and more to digitize our communication actions, and this is what explains, in large part, the rise of professionals in the field such as the digital agency .

What are the services of digital agencies?

Digital communication is a real lever for professionals and companies wishing to stand out from the competition. Indeed, the digital age and today’s technological developments are pushing companies and organizations to put in place an effective communication strategy so that they can achieve their objectives.

Here are the main lines of the services offered by a digital agency in what follows.

The different agencies in the field of marketing

Digital agency: its main services

III. Why use a digital agency?

Bonus: know more about digital and its history

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The different agencies in the field of marketing

Web agencies

Also called Internet Agencies, web agencies generally focus on creating websites  or mobile applications. However, they can also turn to traffic acquisition and content creation.

Communication agencies

Communication agencies look at the whole of a communication mission, such as displaying you on a bus, in the metro, the media, etc.

On the web, their objective will be the development of your notoriety and your brand image, on a digital and physical channel.

Web marketing agencies

Web marketing agencies specialize in using various channels to attract visitors who will potentially be interested in your service or offer on your website. Their role is to transform your prospects into new customers: social networks, Netlinking, SEO referencing , Adwords campaign, mailing, etc …

Social media agencies

Their mission is to animate your communities on the various social networks. They follow and react to the news in your sector, organize actions and competitions, which help to build customer loyalty. Social media agencies create content for your web posts and re-share your events on social media. Their specialization is digital communication on the web, they interact with other brands, but, above all, with your customers!

Influencer Agencies

Influencer agencies are looking at promoting brands through influencers, another form of current marketing. This represents a real interface for brands.

Website creation

Creating a website should not be taken lightly. Indeed, the stakes are very high, which requires specific technical skills. A digital agency will be able to help you achieve optimal results. It’s about creating the best communication medium that should represent your business or organization.

The agency can create several types of sites:

Of  showcase websites to allow you to showcase your offers, your expertise,

The  e-commerce sites in order to sell directly online,

Visual identity

The creation of a  graphic charter  is important to have a unique and personal identity. The latter will allow you to be easily recognized, to convey emotions to your Internet users and to underline your corporate values. It is essential for your branding (branding).

The creation of optimized content

The quality of promotional content is important, whether for a press release or for website and social media content. Indeed, communication channels represent real levers for building a presence on the internet and improving its transformation rate. We can say that this is the key to a  successful Inbound Marketing strategy !

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