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How to Get Good Customer Reviews for Your Small Business


Undoubtedly customer service reviews are vital for the success of your small business. Not only do they help you better understand your customer’s concerns, but they also help you improve how you take care of them so that your business looks more trustworthy and credible. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to facilitate good customer reviews and improve your overall reputation.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

The fastest way to get good customer reviews is to provide exceptional customer service. Your customers want you to make them feel appreciated and valued. By simply listening to their needs and concerns, you’ll ensure that they don’t have a reason to leave you a bad review. If you’re doing this, you should take it a step further by sending them satisfaction surveys and asking for reviews on various platforms.

Allow Reviews on Different Platforms

Typically, your customers are more willing to give you a positive review when you provide them hassle-free service. This customer service also includes the review process for your small business. If your customers can’t find a review platform within a few seconds, they won’t bother leaving you a review. This is why it’s important to allow customers to leave you reviews on various platforms. Also, ensure that the link for leaving reviews on these platforms is easy to find.

Offer Rewards

 Show your customers that you value their time by providing them with an incentive for leaving your small business a review. These rewards (e.g., a coupon code, free company swag, an entrance to a contest for huge prizes, or a gift card) play an important role in motivating your customers to take a few moments to leave you some feedback. Make sure that you offer good customer service here too. In other words, let your customers know what they’ll get for leaving you a review.

It’s important to note here that while you can offer incentives to entice your customers to leave a review of your small business, you can’t ask them to leave a positive review or rating.

Ask for Reviews for Your Small Business from the Same Place

Remember, good customer service means making things both easy and convenient for your customers. This is something you’ll want to keep in mind as you offer various platforms for your customers to leave reviews on. If you’ve been asking your customers to leave reviews in a specific place and now you want them to leave their reviews somewhere else, send them a direct link to the new platform,so they don’t have to waste their time and energy trying to find it.

Respond to Negative Reviews

While most companies will quickly respond to any positive reviews that their customers leave them, these seem companies will let negative reviews go unattended. This is reckless as it shows that the company honestly doesn’t value its customers. Most customers will become majorly turned off by this, and they may even go so far as to decide not to do business with these companies. Therefore, you not only need to respond to positive reviews, but you need to respond to negative reviews as well. In doing so, make sure that you ask your customer how you can quickly resolve their issue so that they’re happy. By doing so, you may actually encourage them to change their review and share how well you took care of the issue with others.

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