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How to Use Memes For Link Building and SEO


Memes have become quite popular over the past several years. And rightfully so. You may discover so many on almost any subject. Numerous ones aren’t aware that they’re useful for SEO and link building. Stay tuned to learn more about how you can use these amusing pieces of content for your website.

In case you’re not familiar with memes, they’re defined as content, generally an image, that is transmitted via the internet that others find amusing. Some memes are videos, while others are stories. Some may have audio, while some are simply quotes.

Two essential elements make memes perfect for your search engine optimization technique. Some use memes for link building as they’re viral. Individuals love to take a break from the world and encounter anything funny to take their minds off daily stressors. But they do not the entertainment factor to take too long because they may be in a hurry, or have limited time. Therefore, a meme is perfect because they are short and straightforward to read. Plus, they are straightforward to share with friends.

Memes are even very painless to create. All you are required to have to assemble one is humor and knowledge of photoshop. There are plenty of online resources that can show you how to produce one or use photoshop.

If you’re uncertain about how to go about developing one for your link-building strategy, consider these tips.

  • Understand the niche. You’ll be more comfortable making memes that your visitors will find laughable if you know your topic well.
  • Review the professionals. Before you produce this content, engross yourself in that meme by skimming through many of the most trendy on of that kind. By allowing yourself the time to do this, you’ll get an idea of what to create while still making it yours.
  • Build numerous drafts. When you discover a hilarious concept, develop many interpretations of the meme to find just the proper words. Be witty, charming, and funny all in one.
  • Fetch opinions. To accumulate a different perspective on memes you’ve made, it’s good to get others’ feedback.
  • Have fun. Memes are supposed to make others laugh. Use your creative flow to produce a hilarious image that others will desire to show others. Just remember everyone may not share your humor and that is fine.
  • To find memes that are prevalent right now, look at Reddit. This content site generally has many memes that land on it first before being transferred to other social platforms.

So what platforms should you share your memes on for link building or SEO purposes? Facebook is often a go-to because it is so big- over 33% of the internet is on there. So it makes sense that this social site is where you should share because so many individuals will see your creation. The con is that not everyone on Facebook has their own website, therefore your meme might not be shared as much as you wish.

Twitter is another platform that is straightforward to share memes. However, one must produce a large following on Twitter to be successful in sharing any content. With that said, if you’re buddies with a rather large influencer, you may have the chance to spread your memes more.

Link building is one way that your SEO campaign can be successful. Memes are a wonderful way to build these links up so you can showcase your brand. If you are still uncertain how link building can help your SEO plan, contact Affordable SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL today.

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