PDF files

PDF files- the most commonly used format today


With the advancement of technology and at the rate the human race is using technology, computer-based application and functions have become a part of our daily routine. The brighter side of navigating information flow virtually through the internet is that,

PDF files- the

  • It encourages reducing the usage of tangible products such as paper
  • It saves a lot of time
  • The expanse of reach virtually can be the whole world at the same time

Someone must live their whole life in a forest or have time travelled from the past to be unaware of what PDF (Portable Document Format) is. It is the most used and liked the format for storing and sharing files across the globe. Whether in schools, colleges, organizations, or even one-on-one, sharing documented information is generally happening through PDF files. While PDF is the most opted-for format, many varied uses and possibilities of using PDF have developed over time. To name a few uses:

  • Edit: Adding or deleting information/ page(s), recognizing/ scanning text, reorder, crop pages, compress, combine etc.
  • Covert: Convert PDF files to any other format, such as Word, Excel, PPT, or JPG.
  • Share: Send/ receive files, protect, etc.
  • Sign: Used mostly by online based forms for recording details.

One format with multiple uses is what makes PDF most liked and popular. However, the size becomes an issue when it comes to storing and sending bulk PDF files.
Most e-mail service providers and other information-sharing sources have a bar on the size of files that can be sent/ shared at once. This is when two wonderful applications of PDF come in role-play. Compress PDF and Merge PDF (also known as Combine PDF).

Compress PDF

Compressing PDF files is an editing tool that helps shrink the file size (or multiple files), thus making it easier to send it via e-mail or any other web-based sharing source. This also is helpful in the storage of more files on our devices as compared to the original uncompressed version. There are many variants of PDF compressors available. We can install PDF application software into our device, or we may also compress PDF online.

Using PDF Compressor online saves you from using storage space in the device as every new application installed uses some space. It saves time spent on installing, running the app, and using it for compressing your file finally. Plus, we get to download the compressed file and keep a backup of the same, too, just like how we can in an installed application. However, people who use PDFs regularly tend to opt for the installed version.

PDF compressor uses both lossless and lossy operations, enabling it to edit your text document and graphics document at the same time.

Merge PDF

Similar to compressing PDF files, merging PDF files is also a great tool to organize documents and reduce the size of the overall information. The added beauty of merging/combining PDF is that we can merge two or more PDF files or may also merge files of different formats with the pdf files if required. Just like PDF compress, we have a lot of options in PDF merger tools.

The user is free to merge pdf online or through installed application software. The steps to combine pdf online are as user-friendly as it is to do in an installed application. Merge PDF online/ through installed application uses lossless operation and hence primarily designed for editing text-based documents.

While lossless operation decreases the size of the file while losing the quality, lossy reduces the size of the file but the quality drops. Hence, the user must be aware that the graphics information sent would compromise their quality as the pixel size reduces.

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